What is different about Breckland Dog Training ?

With a vast array of dog trainers and dog training classes around Norfolk, we have been asked many times… What is different about Breckland Dog Training ?

Well aside from the quality training, that is available throughout Norfolk from many different Dog Trainers, we have a few things which are different, including:-

  • In home training, using praise and play training methods, assisting you in building a better relationship with your dog.
  • Staged learning to ensure both you and your dog build your knowledge and are successful as you build it.
  • We offer help and advice on Feeding, Welfare, Exercise, Training and much much more besides.
  • We can supply you with all your training equipment needs, ensuring you use quality, safe products when training your dog.

As well, when you take advantage of some of our training packages, we put together with you in ind a complete training manual for you and your dog, to enable you to refer to it day after day, even years down the line when you might get another dog 😉

Going on holiday ? and want to get some basic training in to your dog whilst you are away ? We can help with quality residential training for your dog in our secure facilities in Mid Norfolk.

So, if you are looking for a dog trainer that cares about training both you and your dog, then give me a call to talk through the various packages we offer.

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