Dog or Puppy Training ….. at your place !

We recognise that not everyone has the ability to attend weekly classes at a dog training school, and may even not be comfortable learning with groups of other people.

That is why we offer Dog or Puppy Training at your place.

We come out to you once every fortnight or three weeks, its really up to you and your budget.

We spend and hour with you and your dog or puppy, and go through everything you should be doing with them, but more importantly how to.

Offering training tips, help and advice direct to your door, we bring the information to you.

Initial 60 minute session to meet you and your dog and to discuss both your needs is just £45.00.

In that 60 minutes we can:-

  • Give you advice on training
  • Help and guidance on feeding, both commercial and raw diets
  • Advice on travelling with your dog
  • Help and advice on general dog care
  • How to have fun with your dogs
  • Problem solving, do they pull on the lead ? Are they excessive barkers?

We can help you with all manner of dog related issues, and are around as little or as often as you need us.

To book your initial home visit call Steve now on 07795 466007.