Looking for a Dog Trainer ?

Looking for a Dog Trainer ? Or Training Classes ?

If you are looking for a dog trainer there are a few things you need to consider when searching for the right one for you and your best friend.

What to look for in a Dog Trainer

First off, have they actually got a dog ? Sounds bizarre but there are people out their with dog training businesses that do not even have a dog, let alone a dog that can actually do what the dog trainer is trying to get you to do !

Do they work their dogs ? A good measure of a good DOg Trainer is do they actually work their own dogs ? Will you find the gundog trainer working his dog on a shoot ? Will an obedience instructor be found working their dog in competition obedience ? If not, how can they teach you to teach your dog, when they are not even ‘practising what they preach’ !

What are their methods ? Do they use treats or praise and play? Does the way they interact with their own dogs sit comfortably with how I want to train my dogs ?

Do they possess any Dog Training Qualifications ?

Despite no regulation or even certification requirements to enter the dog training industry, there are a number of trainers out there that have attended a wide range of courses some with recognized certificates and qualifications. Schemes like APDT, IMDT and BIPDT, all courses which are offered to dog training professionals.

Do they offer the Dog Training Services you need ?

Many only offer a few lessons in an evening at the local village hall, which is great but they also have full time jobs which means that the dog training part is more of a hobby. Are they full time dog trainers ? Can they offer you lessons, private lessons, or even residential training ?

Will they offer you FREE Dog Training Session ?

With most Dog Trainers being part time, giving away an hour of their time free is not something many of them can afford to do. But, it might be worth looking at a trainer that offers free training taster sessions, so you can see the trainer first hand and decide whether they are the right fit for you and your dog. At the end of the day a Dog Trainer is a professional, but you still have to be able to relate with them and enjoy working with them for the good of your dog. So ask the question Do you do a free initial session? They might in which case you are on to a winner! Just remember their time is valuable, so if they are willing to offer a free session, showing up is a must !!


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