New Puppy and Dog Training and Socialisation Classes

Got a new Puppy ?

Looking to socialise your new puppy ?

Can get to a class on a Friday evening ?

Then join us for our Puppy Training and Socialisation classes from 6pm to 7pm in Brockdish, Norfolk (Near Harleston), for an hour of fun informative puppy training in the company of BIPDT assessed Dog Training Instructors.

You will learn:-

  • How to stop your dog / puppy pulling on the lead.
  • How to get your them to come when you call
  • How to get teach your dog some doorway manners
  • How to teach sits and downs
  • How to praise and play, to reward your dog
  • And much more.

Nice friendly atmosphere, Free Tea and Coffee.

To book your place give me (Steve) a call on 07795 466007 or email

These classes are brought to you jointly by Breckland Dog Training & Norfolk Dog Training.

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