Trouble with recall ?

Having trouble getting your dog to recall / come back when its called ?

Poor or non existent recall is a problem for many dog owners, and has probably come about as a result of a few issues:-

  • Firstly, your dog is sick of the sound of its own name, because lets face it, shouting the dogs name over and over is bound to get your dog back to you isn’t it ? NOPE!
  • The recall command has not been trained from a young age, and your dog has been allowed, yes, allowed to ignore it.
  • The dog has made no connection between the words you use to get them back and the actual action of running, or at the very least walking back to you.
  • Your’e not interesting or rewarding enough ! Yes that’s probably not something you had considered, after all you feed them, look after them and take them for a walk.
  • All in all, Recall has been destroyed through us as humans, because the problem is never at the bottom end of the lead, its always at the top of the lead.

So how can we improve our dogs recall?

Well, lets look at the use of a whistle to get your dog back, first the plus side:-

  • The whistle noise can travel further than your voice can.
  • Its non emotional!
  • Other members of the family, having been shown how to recall using a whistle will also have success.
  • The dog becomes conditioned with hearing the whistle and associating it with something nice.

Now the negatives….. Oops there are none!

Want to know how to use a whistle for your dogs recall?

We have available a couple of options for you, giving you all the tools you need to get you off and running to recall success!

Recall Kit One – All the tools and the guide to get your recall on track @ Only £17.95 

Recall Kit Two – All the tools, the guide and 1 hours tuition* on how to apply them, to get your dog coming when called every time @ Only £ 47.95 

To order your Recall Kit One Click Here or email if you want to book the Recall Kit Two, which will take place at our site in Ashill, Norfolk.

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